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Master Studies

International University of Sarajevo

Master Studies

International University of Sarajevo

Master Studies


Achieving a bachelor’s degree is a great success. After graduating from a university, you can take your education to the next level by enrolling into a master’s degree program.


It will help you become a more skilled professional in your field. The 2nd cycle of study leads to the academic title of Master of Arts (MA) or equivalent, it runs for one year (60 ECTS credits), so that combined with the 1st cycle study carries the total of 300 ECTS credits.


Enrolment into the 2nd cycle of study is carried out based on a public call, which is published in accordance with the Law and the Statute of the University. 


Distance Learning Opportunities
Overview of the MA Programs

Overview of the MA Programs

Master progam lasts for one year, (60 ECTS credits), so that the sum of the 1st and the 2nd cycle of study equals 300 ECTS credits. 

Earning a master’s degree enhances your chances of finding a job you would love to do.


Candidates who completed the 1st cycle of study are eligible to enroll into the 2nd cycle of study, as well as candidates who completed studies organized in accordance to regulations prior to the implementation of the Bologna principles, and under conditions stipulated by the Study Rules for the II Study Cycle.


Students of the 2nd cycle study program choose a thesis mentor from the body of IUS professors (assistant professors, associate professors, full professors and professor emeritus), holding PhD degree for scientific areas, or at least MA degree for artistic areas. Exceptionally, a mentor or co-mentor can be a PhD holder from outside of the University, provided that the student submits a letter of consent by the proposed mentor and his/her eligibility for mentorship.


A candidate who passes all the required exams and successfully defends his/her master thesis is issued a Diploma and a Diploma Supplement granting him/her professional title of a Master of Arts in the relevant field. Earning a master’s degree enhances your chances of finding a job you would love to do.

Students are informed about the curricula and syllabi at the beginning of the academic year, through the faculty notice boards, or the University and faculty’s website, or in other appropriate manner.


Changes to the curricula and syllabi are made in accordance to the same procedure as for their adoption and it cannot be retroactively applied to students, in terms of imposing additional obligations on students for the current academic year or for the academic year that the student successfully completed.


Enrollment into the University is done in line with the Academic Calendar adopted by the Senate at least 60 days prior to the beginning of lectures, while each faculty can stipulate in its regulations specifics for enrollment into each faculty and publish them on the faculty web site.


Candidates who are citizens of foreign countries can submit preliminary application for admission, before the official call is published by the University, so that they can obtain necessary residency permits and satisfy language requirements prior to the start of lectures at the University.

International University of Sarajevo

Distance Learning in Master Studies

At the beginning of the introduction of emergency measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, IUS was among the first universities to completely switch to online teaching.

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