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Why Sarajevo?

International University of Sarajevo

Why Sarajevo?


Sarajevo is the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and serves as its administrative, economic, university and cultural center. The largest area of town lies at the foot of Mt. Trebević and the Miljacka River flows through the city.

Sarajevo Mountains

Sixty mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina have peaks over 1500 meters above sea level, while 11 have peaks are over 2000 meters above see level, including Maglić, with the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina measuring 2386 meters.

The city of Sarajevo is surrounded by four Olympic mountains of Trebević, Jahorina, Igman, Bjelašnica, as well as Treskavica and Romanija which is famous for it’s rare natural beauty.


There is no other place like Sarajevo. And I don’t mean the breathtaking location of the place or the troubled recent history of the civil war and the siege. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is probably the most multicultural city in Europe, where Catholic and Orthodox church stand next to each other and great mosque neighbor with the synagogue, down the street from the first two. When looking at Sarajevo from one of the surrounding hills the tall minarets cross the sky but the more observant eye will spot church towers as well. Wandering around the old part of the city is like jumping between two words, from Central Europe to Middle East and the other way around. It is not Bosphorus in Istanbul where two cultures collide, it is Sarajevo!

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